President Mussington Brings The Support Of Saint-Martin to Guadeloupe Victims

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President Mussington Brings The Support Of Saint-Martin to  Guadeloupe Victims


President Louis MUSSINGTON went to Guadeloupe, this Wednesday, October 5, to the municipalities of Sainte-Rose and Capesterre-Belle-Eau, both affected by tropical storm Fiona, on September 17.

Through this initiative, the president wished to bring the support of Saint-Martin to the Guadeloupe victims, themselves very present alongside the people of Saint-Martin, after the passage of hurricane Irma in 2017.

This solidarity took the form of a donation of 20 pallets of water and 2 pallets of school supplies, a symbolic choice for President Mussington, as water and education are essential elements.

During his speech, the President of Saint-Martin underlined the importance of solidarity between Caribbean territories in the face of natural disasters. A gesture appreciated by the mayor of Ste Rose, Adrien BARON and the mayor of Capesterre Jean-Philippe COURTOIS.

Le président…

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